Satwinder Noor

Always applauded for singing by teachers in school, Satwinder Noor is a known name when it comes to Punjabi songs. Hailing from Punjab, Satwinder Noor belongs to a family with a musical background. Koi bole Ram Ram, Tu mera rakha, Apni Meher Kar and any more such songs are sung by Satwinder Noor. Satwinder’s musical had begun when his college professor overheard him singing a song amongst his friends. The professor after making him sing before the class enrolled his name in a talent hunt. However, Satwinder at that time was not very keen on pursuing singing. Soon after that Satwinder Noor went Goa to do a job and worked in a coconut factory and after that he returned to Punjab. Nevertheless, Satwinder’s talent couldn’t stay hidden for long. A company that was closely linked to the film fraternity gave Satwinder Noor’s singing career a boost. When Satwinder once went to meet Harpal Singh, he asked him to sing live before his team. After this incident in his life, Satwinder knew that he now had an inner inborn talent and so he decided to do a stage show in his own state Punjab. After listening to Satwinder’s songs one of his relative called him to sing in Mumbai. One incident that is very close to Satwinder Noor is when he was making a song with Director Luv Ranjan. They wanted to make a peppy and lively song and while the entire team was discussing the song one of the lyricists suggested an idea and he wrote a song on it. Henceforth the song was composed and made. There is an untold story behind every song and this was their story. Satwinder Noor’s love and passion for music indeed proves the statement that without music life is a mistake. He is currently recording the song Lak boom boom and intends to sing many more songs in the near future.