Abhishek Dutt

Dauntless and unabashed, he had started his musical journey when he sang before a crowd of 1,500 in his school. That is when for the first time the idea of pursuing singing struck in Abhishek’s mind. A singer by birth, Abhishek was never hesitant to showcase his talent on stage. His dire passion for singing was first recognized by his father who inspired him to pursue music in his career.
Further, Abhishek decided to take up music as his career and completed his course in singing. During his college days, he had performed in a lot of cultural events and festivals that gave his singing a boost. Later in life, he had also performed in open mics at different cafes and clubs. In 2007 Abhishek won ‘The voice of Rajasthan’ and won the title of ‘The voice of Jodhpur’ right after that.
With a burning fervour for singing in 2014, Abhishek went to Mumbai to try his fate in the city of dreams. After auditioning for a music company Abhishek faced rejection because of the genre he opted to sing in. While going back to Jodhpur, though being a little disheartened he still had a staunch faith in his voice and so he decided to do something on his own. After taking a break, he started sharpening his singing skills by focusing on rehearsing and bettering his voice.
One day unexpectedly Abhishek received a call from one of his relative who asked him to send some of his songs. After listening to three varied songs that Abhishek had sent, he was called to Mumbai to meet and sing live. Abhishek managed to impress his Uncle with his exceptional singing. This proved to be a game-changer for Abhishek and he started working for him.
He is currently recording a song named ‘Tanhaiya’ and is planning to shoot for the song soon. With such grit determination, perseverance and a never give up attitude Abhishek is now contributing the industry by giving his soulful voice.