Abhinav Shekhar

Creating art through words is a superpower that not everybody is capable of. Being able to pass inspiration and feelings through mere play of words is a talent we all want to own.
Playing with words was always Abhinav Shekhar’s forte. Brought up in the city of Patna, the art of writing has been with Abhinav since his fourth grade. He studied in one of the most prestigious schools in the city which supported him a lot whilst he got better at writing. Abhinav used to participate in a lot of extempores and elocution competitions and also write a lot of poems. One of the funniest incidents that come to his mind about love for writing is his writing love letters for his friends’ girlfriends. They knew he was good at it and they made him do it.
As Abhinav grew up, he moved to Bhopal to take up engineering. Thereafter he went to prepare for civil services in Delhi and got a job in Nagpur. All this while, his love for writing didn’t get overshadowed. He continued writing for theatre, short films, short dramas, etc. He then came up with his own YouTube channel called ‘MCBC FILMY’, which is an abbreviation for Mental Crazy Bullshit Circle. The content on this channel was highly talked of in the town.
Since he wrote a lot of poems over the years, Abhinav decided to get all the collection of poems published. But he also realised that he need to find a better way to reach the audience. Looking at the huge fan base of the popular rappers, he started composing his own songs and decided to get into rapping! Abhinav's first song was called Yaar Berozgaar which he wrote was about the Engineer's life, is yet to come. The talented Abhinav has done theatre as well, and he worked as a Junior artist in Arakshan movie in 2011. And also choreographed dances for school and college shows.
A soul of a writer, singer, composer, and a dancer trapped in a banker’s body is giving it all to make his art public. Abhinav has completed a shoot for 5 songs which are the upcoming releases.